Selected Funded Research Activities


(in reverse chronological order)

  1.     “Microwave Remote Sensing”. Sponsor: Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC). PIs: P. Agouris, J. Kwiatkowski.

  2.     “Spatio-Temporal Tracking of Entities: Determining Object Location from Text Descriptions Through Spatial Analysis”. Sponsor: National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), sub-award via Brandeis University. PIs: A. Stefanidis, P. Agouris.

  3.     “Joint Interdisciplinary Earth Science Information Center”. Sponsor: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. PIs: P. Agouris, J. Kwiatkowski.

  4.     “Strategic Enhancement of NGA’s Geographic Information Science Infrastructure”. Sponsor: NGA, sub-award via University of California, Santa Barbara. PI: P. Agouris.

  5.     “Automated Image-Based Linear Feature Extraction and Updating”. Sponsor: NGA. PIs: P. Agouris, A. Stefanidis.

  6.     “A Framework for the Efficient SpatioTemporal Analysis of Geospatial Data Using Distributed Motion Imagery”. Sponsor: NGA. PIs: A. Stefanidis, P. Agouris, S. Nittel.

  7.     “Enabling the Creation and Use of GeoGrids for Next Generation Geospatial Information”. Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF), Information Technology Research (ITR), Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate. PIs: P. Agouris, A. Stefanidis, K. Beard, C. Baru, S. Nusser.

  8.     “A Three-Layer Model for Automated Multi-Agent Based Spatiotemporal Change Detection". Sponsor: National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), sub-award via BAE Systems. PIs: P. Agouris & A. Stefanidis.

  9.     “Visual Correlation of Highly Dimensioned Data in Virtual Information Spaces". Sponsor: Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA), sub-award via BAE Systems. PIs: P. Agouris & A. Stefanidis.

  10.     “Change Detection Using Aerial Imagery in an Integrated Geospatial Environment". Sponsor: BAE Systems. PIs: P. Agouris & A. Stefanidis.

  11.     “Knowledge Management Over Time-Varying Geospatial Datasets". Sponsor: NSF, Digital Government Program, Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate. PIs: P. Agouris, A. Stefanidis & K. Beard.

  12.     “Using Ontologies for Aerial Image Integration". Sponsor: NASA's Maine Space Grant Consortium. PIs: M. Egenhofer & P. Agouris.

  13.     “Automated Extraction of Geospatial Features from Remotely Sensed Images”. Sponsor: Maine Science & Technology Foundation. PI: P. Agouris.

  14.     “A Spatio-Temporal Model for Integrated Information Management”. Sponsor: NGA. PIs: K. Beard, P. Agouris.

  15.     “Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Applications”. Sponsor: NASA. PIs: S. Sader, P. Agouris, A. Thomas, K. Beard, M. Egenhofer, A. Stefanidis.

  16.     “Geospatial Database-Driven Extraction of Information from Digital Aerial Imagery”.Sponsor: NSF (CAREER award), Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate. PI: P. Agouris.

  17.     “Advancing Geographic Information Science”. Sponsor: NSF / UC Santa Barbara. PIs: M. Egenhofer, K. Beard, H. Onsrud, P. Agouris.

  18.     “Scale and Accuracy Issues in the Use of Orthoimagery Within National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)”. Sponsor: U.S. Geological Survey. PIs: P. Agouris, K. Beard, A. Stefanidis.

  19.     “Image Query by Sketch”. Sponsor: Office of Research and Development (ORD), Dept. of Defense. PIs: P. Agouris, M. Egenhofer.

Full list available upon request